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Butter Dishes

Butter comes in a multitude of sizes and shapes differing from one side of the continent to the other.  While I havent made a butter dish for every single shape of stick, I do have a few different styles including the French butter dish.

Fancy hand made half pound butter dish

This round butter dish holds 1/2 pound of butter

Butter dish holds 1 Canadian Pound of butter
Clay butter dishes drying on a shelf
Butter dish in production
Blue glazed butter dish
Half Pound Butter Dish detail
Beautiful hand made butter dish
Finished pottery butter dish
Clay butter dish drying
Blue handmade French butter dishes

This is a French butter dish.  The insert holds the buttter and the outer cup is partially filled with water which will create an airlock when the insert is in place.  This keeps the butter from becoming rancid when sitting at room temperature.

Blue and brown glazed butter dish for one Canadian Pound of butter

These rectangular dishes are designed to hold one entire pound of butter.

Pottery butter dishes in production
Another pottery butter dish in production
Blue glazed butter dish
Textured and painted with underglazes under clear glaze.

This floral beauty is underglaze decorated and is designed to hold a full pound of butter.


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